Update 1/31/17

Good Afternoon All!!    Last week Tabatha and I spent a few days up at the capital representing the NM Coalition for MainStreet Communities as […]

Legislative Tracker 1/31/17

Report for: NM Coalition of Mainstreet Communities Currently following 9 pieces of legislation. Bill Title & Synopsis Referrals & Action Sponsor Position / Priority Date […]

Legislative Tracker 1/27/17

Currently following 8 pieces of legislation. HB39 GOVERNMENTAL LIQUOR LICENSE LEASING  Montoya, Rodney Position:     Priority: HPREF [1] HSIVC/HBIC­HSIVC  Scheduled:1/31/2017   Link to bill on nmlegis.gov    Synopsis House Bill 39 (HB 39) provides that governmental licenses may be leased at certain facilities and for use in certain areas  that are designated by a governmental entity.   Analysis House Bill 39 (HB 39) amends Section 60­6A­10 NMSA 1978 by allowing a governmental entity or its lessee to sell alcohol  at a qualifying facility.  It makes changes throughout this section to reflect this expansion of such sales to qualifying  facilities. HB 39 defines qualifying facility depending on population. For a municipality of less than twenty thousand  persons, it is a business at which alcoholic beverages may be legally served and consumed. If the municipality contains  twenty to fifty thousand people then it must meet the same criterion as above and be in an area designated as a  metropolitan redevelopment area or a main street project area under the respective code or act.    HB 39 would be effective 1 July 2017. HB51 RETAIL CRAFT LIQUOR RECIPROCITY  […]